The liquid screen protector from NanoFixIt solves all these problems and even more by SGDINDIA

In traditional screen protectors is the fact that you have to buy a new one every time you change device. And some screens are even bend or curved such as the new Galaxy S6 etc, which makes it difficult if not impossible to find a proper screen protector for it. Not to mention the costs for such a screen protector.

The liquid screen

protector from NanoFixIt

solves all these problems





The promise of making your devices completely scratch free is of course the most obvious benefit. But NanoFixIt actually promises more than that. This “magic liquid” will enhance the clarity of your screen providing you with even greater HD effect. It will improve the camera lens and enhance the photos taken.
By applying the liquid to the camera lens the invisible pores in the lens are evened out. This enables more light to reach the sensor behind the lens.

NanoFixit Liquid screen protector only promises to be ultra scratch resistant up to 1 Year certified with 9H hardness, antibacterial, increase the Radiance of your screen as well as help reducing cell phone radiation.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some Nanotechnology to keep both your electronics and your clothes super clean!
NanofixIt is available at about 30+ stores in Nagpur. Get to know about store near your location on STORE LOCATOR at

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