Why to use #NanoFixIt Liquid Screen Protectors by sgdindia

Nanofixit is one of the world’s first invisible Liquid Screen protectors has properties like

The liquid screen protector is a multipurpose product that can be used on the glass screen of any electronic device. Traditional screen protectors are only made for one specific device and are costly. With a NanoFixIt liquid screen protector you are not only buying a multipurpose product for any model or device but a product that has been tested and certified with the highest standard available amongst Nanofixit has created a non-toxic chemical that penetrates and seals the glass screen on your cellphone or you’re Tablet etc.


nanofixit ultimate







Nanofixit uses Silver Nano with Titanium and liquid silicion to achieve impressive results.Utilising the benefits of Nanotechnology the liquid screen protectors are not only scratch resistant but also have the ability to repel water and germs. Some even promises to enhance the vividness of your screen and the quality of the pictures you take when applied to the camera lens.It completely replaces the plastic screen protector and keeps your phone ultra-scratch resistant and crystal clear with many additional benefits.With the help of Nenofixit you can reduce the radiation coming from your phone with over 92.7% and Making your mobile screen shine even brighter so you can turn down the brightness and have more battery to call your loved ones.



In addition your phone is quite a nasty bacterial collection point as you touch it all day and the bacteria get stuck to the phone, however the Titanium mixes in Nanofixit completely removes this problem and keep your phone anti-bacterial for upto 1 year.So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some Nanotechnology to keep both your electronics and your clothes super clean!NanofixIt is available at about 30+ stores in Nagpur. Get to know about store near your location on STORE LOCATOR at sgdindia.com Silver may be the #Nanotherapy for your washing machine but the Nanotherapy for your phone and tablet screen is for certain # Nanofixit Titanium

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