Benefits and Features


9H+ hardness

NanoFixIt liquid screen protectors have been certified with 9H hardness by Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines. This is the hardness level just before diamond and means that keys and coins in your pocket won’t scratch your screen.



Researchers have discovered that there are more bacteria on the average mobile phone than you will find in a toilet. Our technology contains titanium particles that have significant antibacterial properties ensuring your screen is less exposed to bacteria. The antibacterial coating also seals the glass surface, making fingermarks and smudges easy to clean off.


Water & smudge repellent

The nano liquid particles penetrate and seal the surface of your original screen. This makes the screen hydrophobic and able to repel any liquid. Even fingermarks and smudges have a hard time sticking to the much smoother surface, which makes your phone easy to clean.


Cell phone radiation

The liquid screen protector can help reduce the cell phone radiation being emitted towards your head. A test carried out by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company (, conclusively verifies the reduction in cell radiation. Read more about the test here


Eco friendly

Our liquid screen protector is completely organic and safe to use. Some liquid screen protectors are ethanol based, which is a chemical that is highly flammable. Ours is water based and contain only minerals that you will also find in nature.


Screen clarity

The tiny nanoparticles make the glass surface smoother; allowing the light to travel in a straighter line instead of being shattered in all directions. This makes the colors appear much brighter and clearer than before.


3D Touch

Our liquid screen protector does not inhibit the touchability of the screen in any way as it creates a very thin an completely invisible coating on top of the original screen. Not like plastic or tempered glass, which adds another layer on top. With the introduction of 3D touch the layer between your fingers and the original glass itself cannot be too thick or have any kind of air bubbles in between, which make many traditional screen protectors fail. Read more here


Camera quality

Applying NanoFixIt liquid screen protector to your camera lens will increase the quality of the photos you take. The nano particles create a much smoother lens surface ensuring that the light travels in a straight line towards the sensor instead of being shattered by micro holes in the glass surface. We call this the NanoFixIt ‘Pixel Enhancement Effect’.


1 year protection

The liquid screen protector literally becomes part of your original screen and will only slowly wear off as you use your device over time. The ultra thin layer of just 0.0004 mm will eventually have to be reapplied after 1 year to ensure a continuous protective surface is maintained.

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